Where Is My Porridge? Care Bears Game

Find the food for Grumpy Bear!

Where Is My Porridge?

Find the food for Grumpy Bear!

How to Play:

  • Memorize which objects are hiding bowls of porridge before they mix up.
  • Click on an object to discover what's underneath.
  • For each incorrect guess, you earn an X. Get three X's and you'll have to start over!
  • Each correct guess removes one X. Find all the bowls to win!

Grumpy's Gadgets:

  • Some objects hide helpful gadgets! When found, you can click on a gadget for a hint!
  • Use the X-Ray to see through an object.
  • Use the Magnet to peek under all objects before they mix up again.
  • Use the Fan to blow away all identical-looking objects at once.

Use the mouse to play

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