Rainbow Slide Care Bears Game

Ride the rainbow with Wonderheart Bear!

Rainbow Slide

Ride the rainbow and collect Star Buddies with Wonderheart Bear!

How to Play:

  • Use the right and left arrow keys to move Wonderheart between stripes on the rainbow.
  • Grab all the Star Buddies that you can! The more Star Buddies Wonderheart collects, the faster she'll go.
  • Try to reach maximum speed to collect even more Star Buddies.

Watch Out:

  • Beastly and the Beasties are out to cause trouble! Avoid running into their storm clouds!
  • Gold Beasties will temporarily slow you down.
  • Brown Beasties will reduce your speed a little.
  • The Green Beastly will reduce your speed and bounce Wonderheart around!

Use arrow keys to move

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